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Self-Discovery Series

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Self-Discovery Series—What Can It Teach You?

Onlinemanila | Self-Discovery Series—What Can It Teach You? | The Self-Discovery Series is a series of e-books that are all about knowing who oneself is. There are a total of six e-Books in the series namely: Polarities, Enneagrams Mystery, 9 Personality Types, Conscious Blitz, 4 Quadrants of Life and Balancing Truth Love Power. Basically, this series acts as a guide through the journey of self-discovery. They describe all the aspects that make up one’s personality and how to discover them. Not many are in a position to efficiently describe themselves. It takes another person to effectively describe the characters basing on pure observation. However, there are particular ways in which one can fully analyze himself and correct the wrong traits in him. This should be done in order to improve communication skills between them and those around him or her. 

Basically, these e-Books deal with human psychology. This is what helps people to discover their inner-selves. “9 Personality Types” is the main book discussing the types of personality types there are in the world. According to the book, there are 9 personality types. Everyone has a particular personality that describes him or her. Each of these personalities has a good and bad side. This is why we are all different though some of us are alike to some extent. Due to this familiarity in terms of personality, such persons tend to confined in each other hence forming some distinct groups. The book however helps you discover your personality and how to improve on it. 

There are characters that hope to be like others. This next to impossible no matter the amount of money you invest in it. The two of you have different personalities that can never rhyme. As a result of trying too hard, most people end up frustrated. These e-Books help you deal with such a problem if you are such a person.

On the other hand, the same books also speak of other aspect of life such as the life quadrants. “4 Quadrants of Life” specifically speaks about this. It outlines the four quadrants and how they function. The eBook goes to an extent of describing how the four quadrants are related to each other and how they get to affect one’s personality. Another book in the series that talks of life aspects is “Balancing Love Truth Power”. These three things are the main components of our day to day lives. This particular e-Book describes how one can balance the three for a stress-free life.